Four Pillars of Success…

Here @ OCH we have structured a system that has enabled us to be successful both on the job as well as off the job.  We call them the pillars of success:

Pillar 1) Customer Satisfaction: Treat all customers, potential customers and current customers as if it was the first impression.  

Pillar 2) Quality: Provide quality services that exceed customer expectations. “Do the job right, the first time, on time, everytime…”

Pillar 3) Fair Pricing: In today’s world, money can be tight.  With that said we strive to offer the best offer upon a pre-inspection with the insight of customer retention and affordability.  We would rather have many customers with reality budgets than minimal customers with big budgets.  We work all angles to deliver fair pricing.

Pillar 4) YOU: We are all human and deserve respect and we give respect, no matter what the job, what the budget…we are here to help get the job done and make happy customers 😉